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Why is DARF needed?

Why is DARF needed?  The Defence of Amateur Radio Fund (DARF) pays the amateur delegate’s travel expenses <more>

Ham Radio benefits from WRC:  Many of our bands are the result of hard work by hams at these meetings to protect or add new allocations for ham radio.  <more>

ITU and WRC:  The ITU sets international band plans at WRC conferences.  With limited spectrum, new or expanded allocations by one service can only come by another service’s loss <more>

Ham Delegate at WRC:  Canada is one of the few countries that makes space on its international conference delegation for a ham as a full-time advocate for ham radio, but does not pay delegate expenses.   <more>

Meet the DARF Trustees: The Trustees are responsible to manage the DARF Trust <more>

Donate: Travel and meeting expenses for 3-4 week international conference can top $10,000 or more, even for the most frugal. <more>

DARF Donors: Your donation ensures that there will continue to be an Amateur in the Canadian delegation. <more>

DARF Annual Reports:  Each year, the Trustees report to Canadian amateurs on DARF <more>

DARF Presentation: <download presentation>

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Defence of Amateur Radio Fund