Industry Canada staffs the Canadian delegation to international radio conferences and related working group and preparatory meetings.  Industry Canada has invited a licensed amateur to be on the delegation to represent ham radio interests. RAC, as the national organization representing radio amateurs, nominates a candidate for amateur representative.  Industry Canada vets the candidate and, if acceptable, provides the delegate with credentials and includes him/her in conference preparation activities.  The delegate makes a substantial time commitment: to work with Industry Canada staff, time away from home for the actual meetings, for research and preparation of documents and position papers related to ham radio issues, and to liaison with other national societies and the IARU.  It’s at least a half-time unpaid job.  Continuity is important and the amateur who volunteers to be the delegate should be able to serve for at least five years.  In addition to being a licensed amateur, it’s also desirable that the nominee have prior experience in telecommunications, knowledge of international regulatory processes, and understand how government policy is developed.  


Current delegate is Bryan Rawlings, VE3QN <more>


Ham Delegate at WRC